CTC's Tri Lifter

CTC’s Tri Lifter is specifically designed to move heavy loads in confined spaces. It is perfect for moving heavy industrial machinery and equipment, and tilting and setting presses. Whatever the Tri Lifter picks up, it can carry. Easy to transport, the Tri Lifter can be driven on and off a low-loader or a step frame trailer under it’s own power. Digital display of load weight, boom and counterweight position, coupled with two speed hydrostatic drives permit precise handling in the most demanding and confining situations. Automatic overload shutoff prevents the operator from exceeding design capacity regardless of load configuration or position. Wide wheels spaced to distribute the weight of the Tri Lifter and its load minimizes floor loading.

As a gantry the Tri Lifter can lift up to 50 tons on top of it’s boom. The Load Management System keeps the load level at all times. Ideal for installing overhead rolling cranes, the Tri Lifter can carry, swing and lower the crane into position. Rear wheel steering provides superior maneuverability.

As a crane, with wide boom extension up to 12 feet, the Tri Lifter can reach to the middle of most presses, tilt them up and set them in the pit. The boom extends horizontally, permitting lifts with little head room. And better than a crane, the Tri Lifter can travel with it’s load.

As a forklift, with optional fork attachment, the Tri Lifter can be operated like a conventional fork lift truck with massive lifting capacity. With its low profile, the Tri Lifter can fit under a 10 foot door yet lift a 50 ton load to the second floor with ease.